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Setting the record straight

The Washington Education Association sent out thousands of false flyers this month and now I want to set the record straight.

First about the price of insulin.

There were two separate bills regarding the cost of insulin.

I co-sponsored HB 2662 which not only capped a 30 day supply of insulin at $100, but also created a work-group to find ways to lower the overall cost.

The bill they reference in tiny print was a very harmful bill and would have caused people to lose some federal benefits. I voted against it.

Second about the cost of prescription drugs.

I authored HB2464 which passed unanimously and actually reduces the cost of prescription medication.

I am absolutely ashamed that the Washington Education Association is using wages garnished from honest, hard-working teachers to spread such half-truths.

To date, their PAC has funneled over $140,000 into negative advertising against me.

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