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Julie Door to challenge Gildon

Julie Door to challenge Representative Chris Gildon for the open 25th District Senate.

Julie Door confirmed today that she will challenge Representative Chris Gildon (R-Puyallup) for the open State Senate seat being vacated by Senator Hans Zeiger.

After speaking with Puyallup Mayor Julie Door today by phone, she confirmed to Gildon that she indeed will run against Representative Gildon. Ms. Door expressed her hopes that the race remains “congenial.”

Julie Door, who was just selected as Mayor two months ago, ran in 2018 for the House seat now held by Rep. Kelly Chambers, but lost in the Primary Election.

Representative Chris Gildon is currently in Olympia for the legislative session.

“I welcome Julie to the race,” said Gildon. “I think voters will have a very stark contrast and a robust campaign will be healthy to give voters an option.”

Gildon said his first term as State Representative has been busy.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” said Gildon. “I’ve been able to work as part of a bipartisan effort to increase the affordability of housing, child-care, college and prescription medication.”

Gildon said his first term has also been one of fighting bad policies, like the 12 regressive tax increases pushed through by Seattle extremists last year.

“The 25th District has a history of great leaders in the Senate who established a legacy as calm voices of reason,” said Gildon. “I will carry on that tradition and always protect our community from dangerous ideas that harm our quality of life.”

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