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A few thoughts from my heart about controlling the things that are controllable.

We are in a time of fear, a time of crisis. People are scared. They are concerned and they are confused. People are worried about issues related to the virus itself and they are also worried about the economic impact of the shutdown.

During times like this, there is only one thing more contagious than the virus- and that is fear. It is coming at us 24-7 from all directions. It is coming from TV, Radio, Social media…everywhere. Fear and panic are permeating our society and many just feel out of control of their lives.

So in this video I’d like to talk to you not about politics or resources, but about three things* you can do to control those things in your life that are controllable. Because it can only take a few moments to make a poor decision out of fear that can have lasting impact on your lives.

Reach out to me if you want to start a conversation or to give me your thoughts on what YOU are doing to control the things that you can control.

*inspired by a podcast by Dave Ramsey

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